The Summit Difference

The Summit Difference

How we work

Summit Capital Management is a fee-based financial services company.  We do not charge commissions for transactions so our associates are not motivated to sell clients in and out of the most popular financial products and services, or to make frequent changes.

On the other hand, we are Active Asset Managers, and, as such, we do not hesitate to move clients from their current positions in order to remove risk.

We use a mixture of mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or a mixture of stocks, bonds and ETFs to build and preserve long-term growth.

We believe in a customized, hand-picked selection of wealth management products and services tailored your individual needs and life experiences.

No two clients are alike, therefore no two portfolios are the same.  Unlike large retail investment advisors, which might specialize in more traditional “buy and hold strategies,” SCM – because of its fee-based philosophy – will recommend active changes based on what’s going on in the marketplace today, and how your individual needs and goals are evolving.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Summit Capital Management is a family-owned financial company serving individuals, families, businesses, professionals, professional athletes and corporate executives in the Greater Phoenix area and beyond.  After 27 years in the financial services field, we know the value of face-to-face communications, listening to our clients, and earning their trust – and their repeat business.

While many financial advisors may boast, “My door is always open,” the associates at SCM regularly make “house calls” and visit clients in their homes and workplaces.  We enjoy seeing and getting to know our clients in their own environment to learn more about their individual aspirations.

At SCM we review clients’ portfolios and the state of the markets weekly and we offer protected digital access to our clients so they can check their portfolios (24/7) – when it’s convenient for them.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about the range of financial products and services we provide.  SCM has relationships with a wide variety of financial service companies, so if we don’t have a product or service you are interested in, we know a professional group that does.

A Word about Trust

Too often client/advisor relationships begin without trust.  It’s a sad fact, but true. Clients may feel wary because they were not fully satisfied with their last advisor’s outcomes.  At SCM we know we have to earn and maintain your trust.

Our methodology includes frequent and open conversations, regular data-backed reporting, and personal engagement from our senior team.  Trust, for us, is based on helping you set and achieve realistic goals, using real-time information to measure our results, and adjusting our strategies along the way.

We will work together on your behalf…at our office or at your home or your place of business… to continue to build on this foundation of trust.

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