Wealth Management Overview for Executives

Wealth Management Overview for Executives

Fully integrated wealth management solutions are critical to satisfy growing demands and to secure long-term relationships.  Leverage support services can provide clients with help to navigate the many considerations and requirements that are inherent in successfully supporting high-net worth clients.

  • Employee Stock Option Exercises
  • Restricted and Control Stock Sales
  • Liquidity Solutions, Restricted and Control Stock Loans, Hedging Strategies
  • Trust Network
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • LoanAdvance and CreditAdvance
  • Alternative Investments

Employee Stock Option Exercises

Many companies offer their valued employees stock options in order to encourage ownership, foster commitment to the company, and share in the company’s success. Options that are “in the money” may represent sizable elements of compensation at the executive or management levels.  If you wish to exercise your employee stock options without funding the transaction independently, Corporate Executive Services can facilitate a variety of alternatives. You, as client, have the option to exercise your stock options in a full or partial sale, with the ability to margin all or a portion of the shares. We can utilize the resources in Corporate Executive Services that are required to expedite this process, giving you prompt access to liquidity and allowing you to take advantage of your rewards. This can create available funds may be used for further investment and diversification.

Restricted and Control Stock

Maintaining large holdings of restricted or control stock has its rewards. If a company does well, its recipients benefit greatly. These recipients, stockholders, may reap even greater rewards by selling all or a portion of their restricted or control shares and diversify their portfolios.  And since a thorough understanding of these securities is critical to realizing their full potential, we can leverage the expertise of Corporate Executive Services for those clients who hold restricted or control stock. These types of securities are not freely saleable in public markets, and may be subject to applicable SEC Rules, such as 144, 701, 903 or Shelf Registration. Corporate Executive Services can guide us through the complexities of selling restricted or control stock.

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